Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Slayers Top TopCats 12-7

Apologies for the non-post last week, but the game isn't officially over yet. Shaggy (the umpire) missed a run that we scored and thought the game was over. He said we'd have to make it up at some point later in the season. For now, the game doesn't count against anyone's record. Stay tuned.

Last night's game, however, does count as a win for your fellow Slayers. SHS jumped all over TopCat for a fairly easy 12-7 win -- and that was AFTER TopCat had to borrow two interns to complete their roster. No worries, the Slayers had more than enough players to fill out the roster.

For the first time all season, SHS was the home team (thanks to Gimmie's righteous Paper Rock Scissors play) and the Slayers didn't disappoint. After allowing TopCat to score a run, the Slayers went to work with their bats. PJer and The Truth got on base only for DeShawn to score them both with an in-the-park home run. Then after few ground outs and a double by Coacherson, SHS was up 3-1 after one.

Trying out a new defensive scheme for the game, the hits and runs for TopCat were few and far between. Which was good, since the Slayers were looking to hit some more. Here are the game's highlights:

  • Ogre caught a ball deep in Left, threw to PJer for the relay and then on to Bendy for a tag out at home.
  • Number 2 hit a double that turned into a triple that turned into an in-the-park home run.
  • Boy Intern played manager and inserted himself into the game, promptly makes a catch in the outfield from a ball that was hit so extremely high that Ogre had time to run over from Center Field to back him up.
  • All of the girl Slayers' bats were smokin'. Grass. Lots of it.
  • Fans included Fritz, Pits and Ash. Oh, and Number 2 Dad.
For the final out of the game, The Truth backed up a throw to 4 Beers and nailed a guy at home. And that pretty much sums up how the Slayers' latest win went. They were in control the whole game and never felt truly threatened by TopCat.

Next Game: SHS vs Barkley, Monday, July 7th @ 8:30

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