Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blast Off

It's your good ol' Slayer Softball Historian reporting in after last night's game. Before it even started, there was some turmoil about when the game would actually start. After some discussion, and another game being rescheduled, it was decided that SHS would play at the originally scheduled time.

Losing the PRS (paper rock scissors) this time was Cap'n Bits, which meant for the fourth time this season, the Slayers were the visiting team. Going up to bat first, PJer wasted no time in showing Barkley who wanted to win more by hitting an in-the-park home run. The Truth got a basehit and so did DeShawn. Fire walked and Coacherson hit into a ground play. WRAM, Ogre and PT all singled and the Slayers were quickly up 3-0 going into the bottom of the first.

The defense was set up in the usual spot this week and we had a new pitcher (Cap'n Bits) due to Bendy being out. Playing superb defense after allowing a few hits to squeeze through, the Slayers were up 3-1 after one.

Back to the top of the lineup after Linds grounded out, JP popped out and then The Truth got another single. DeShawn took a walk (which loaded the bases) and Coacherson fought his instincts to take a walk, too. After clamping down defensively, the Slayers were up 5-1 after two.

The third inning wasn't as rewarding for SHS, but after a few walks and singles, Coacherson hit a line drive double to score DeShawn -- and also provided Fire with a chance to eat shit dive into third.

After the slide, the fans in the dugout had this to say, "what the f!?!" What the f indeed. But hey, she was safe. Another superb defensive bottom half, and the Slayers were up 6-1 after three. That's when SHS got a pep talk from the oddest of characters...

In between eating grass and ice cubes, GrassPlease tore into the Slayers, "ruff ruff, bark bark, ruff." In other words, she was sick of our weak hitting.

SHS responded. PT got a single. Cap'n Bits walked. With the bases loaded, PJer hit a double. The Truth singled. DeShawn walked. Fire walked. Boy Intern doubled. WRAM singled. Ogre singled. And then, the first out of the inning occurred. After that Cap'n Bits doubled. Linds fought off a rude smacktalk to hit a single. Then PJer went yard. The Truth doubled. DeShawn did something and after that we all were going crazy, because going into the bottom of the fourth inning, Slayers were up 24-1.

Yes. 24-1.

The last half inning was a blur. Barkley scored one run. SHS stopped them after that and what do you know, Slayers win! Slayers win!!! They murdered Barkley 24-2. They sit at 3-1-1 on the season. Two games and one half-inning to go until the tournament.

Next Game: GRUDGE MATCH, SHS vs VML, Monday, July 14th @ 8:30

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