Monday, July 13, 2009

Slashers' win NOT featured on radio.

Week 2 saw the Slashers take on 810 sports radio in ad league softball action. There were quite a few lineup changes this week as Hembo was on the hill returning from anniversary, year one. Ogre graced us with his presence after bailing out last week. And Frisk and Reality turned in their V cards from Legally Blonde the musical to assist in the quest for victory.

Once again we came out on the short side of rocks, paper, scissors and were saddled with the role of visitors.

The first inning saw the Slashers continue their recent hot offensive streak. A nice two-out rally saw Coacherson, WRAM, Ogre, Reality, Hembo, MeShell, and PJer get seven straight hits to plate seven Slasher runs for a more-than-solid first inning. 810 got three runs of their own on an absolute bomb to center field, but the defense held for the rest of the inning. 1st inning Score: 7-3 Slashers.

The second inning went much like the first as DeShawn started the inning with a two-bagger and came home on Coacherson’s RBI double. A nice play by 810 on WRAM gave the Slashers two outs with only two runs in. But 2-out-rallies were on our side as Ogre, Reality, Hembo, MeShell, and PJer all scored to bust the game wide open. It could have been worse but DeShawn’s home run trot on a not-so-homerun hit only got him a double to keep the Slashers from scoring two more. 810’s hitting and the Slasher’s lack of communication on defense (sorry Frisk, our bad) brought seven runs home. 2nd inning score: 15-10 Slashers.

Bad things usually come in 3’s and the third inning was no different. The offenses for both teams completely shut down. Coacherson scored the only Slasher run on Ogre’s popup to left. 810 didn’t fare much better as a pop fly and a nice inning-ending double-play by Coacherson ensured another inning would be played. 3rd inning score 16-10 Slashers.

The bats reappeared in the 4th as MeShell, PJer, Paula, DeShawn and Coacherson all scored to make it an 11 run lead and an almost assured ad league win. 810 came back with just one run of their own and the Slashers walked away with a 2-0 record to begin league play. Final score: 21-11 Slashers

Guy MVP: Coacherson – 4-for-4 and scored each time he came to the plate. Also had a very nice double play in the 3rd.
Gal MVP: MeShell – 2-for-2 with 2 RBI and a walk.
Camo beer of the game: DeShawn for his skyscraping pop-up that didn’t reach the outfield.

Also, big thanks to Pits for keeping score. Smashlee, Babby, and Baby Babby for Fanning us on. And Grunts and Beardo for not being dicks about us not getting you in the game. Again, our bad. Won’t happen again.

Next game vs. Chiefs @ 7:00 p.m. Wednesday. All you fans of the slash be sure to be there. Or else.

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