Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slayer Softball Season Begins with Doubleheader

It's been over a year since the Slayers took the field for softball and I'll tell you what, folks, it was a highly-anticipated year. SHS warmed up for softball this year with a jaunt in the kickball world. After placing second in the league, all attention was turned towards softball.

Bad news: No Bill the umpire this year. It's too hot for the old man. We'll miss him.
More bad news: The Slayers had to start off the year with a doubleheader.

So what happened?

Game one: SHS vs. Saepio
I wish I could say that the Slayers gave a warm welcome to Saepio in their first year of ad league softball, but that wasn't about to happen. Coming up to bat first, PJer and The Truth got on base via a walk. Then DeShawn and Black Magic went to work by knocking one out of the park. That's right, home run. The Slayers ended the first half of the inning up 3-0. Saepio came up and managed to score two runs, making the score 3-2.

At this point, the Slayer defense locked down. Hard. DeShawn and WRAM hooked up for a double-play. 4Beers made many plays at first. And Bendy took the reins from McShit (he's hurt, or something) and emerged as the SHS pitcher for this summer. Boy Intern even made a nice one-handed scoop in the outfield. The cylinders were a-clickin'.

With 11 guys signed up to play, there was quite a bit of shuffling going on in the line up. Everyone got to play, or bat, and SHS won their first game of the season, 13-2. As a reward for the win, SHS had to play again, just 10 minutes later.

Game two: SHS vs VML
All of the bats that were poppin' for SHS in the first game suddenly came to a stop in their second game. Additionally, all of the hoppin' defense was starting to crumble a bit, too.

The Slayers fell behind early 3-0 due to VML's bats finding holes and superb baserunning, but SHS wasn't out of it yet. An in-the-park home run by White Chocolate kept the Slayers in it.

Ultimately, the fielding errors combined with poor hitting and VML taking advantage of things did SHS in. They lost the game 10-5.

So the Slayers are 1-1 on the season and VML is once again the go-to rival for the team. Your Slayer Softball Historian apologizes for the lack of detailed reporting -- two games are hard to keep up with.

Next Game: SHS vs Saepio (yes, again), Monday, June 23rd @ 7:30