Monday, July 17, 2006

Five Things You Shouldn't Ask About The Last Game

The Slayers FINALLY returned to action last week after a three+ week layoff. Though they took part in some batting practice before the game, the rust seemed readily apparent once the game started.

Five Things You Shouldn't Ask About The Last Game:

5. Was it hot out there?
My goodness gracious was it hot. Most people enjoy a nice cold beer on hot days, but this was just sick. I think I even saw Bill starting to melt -- which could explain some lousy calls.

4. Did the Slayers start the game off well?
Not really. Glenn Devins started the game with 8 players in the field, but the Slayers couldn't capitalize. Soon enough, it was 10 on 10, so the advantage (or what little one there was) was gone.

3. Assuming they found themselves behind during the game, did anyone step up and make some big plays?
Actually yes. First off, the Slayers played from behind the entire game. And when they were down several runs, Where My Bitches At stepped up and ripped an in the park home run. The Slayers ended that inning down just two runs, 9-7.

2. What happened then?
After the first batter, the Slayers had one out and looked poised to return back to the dugout quickly for the bottom half of the last inning.

1. So, did they win?
Hardly. Glenn Devins took advantage of McShit and the entire Slayer defense en route to scoring six runs in the top of the 7th. By the time the Slayers got up to bat, they were all completely perplexed and couldn't even muster one base runner in the inning. Game over. The Slayers lost 15-7.

I'd never seen such a thing. Every last Slayer left the dugout with their heads low and their tails thoroughly tucked. It was a site to see and one this historian never hopes to see again.

The classiest of teams, Glenn Devins, took home the victory that hot night, and the Slayers hope they can match wits again.

Next Game: The Slayers look to get back on the winning track this Wednesday at 7pm, vs. Meers Advertising (who are 1-5), but they'll have to do so without McShit and Auggy... will they prevail?