Thursday, June 23, 2005

BR-eaking Off a Win!

The headline does not lie.

Tonight, SHS avenged the previous, horrible, crudnific loss to BR. Yes, the one that ended up reading 22-7. The one where the team shared 17 errors. The one where we completely beat ourselves.

Tonight, the bats and gloves sang a much different tune. Trailing only 1-0 after the top half of the first inning, the entire team took an at bat in the bottom half. Paula "friend of McTighe," slammed a triple over the left feilder's head, and everyone else followed suit - jumping all over BR, 6-1. There was no sign of slowing from there.

Craig "I'ma-hitta-homer-soon" Kobler overheard their team saying that we should be an easy win since we killed them last time. Apparently BR doesn't believe in karma.

Tonight the bats were on fire, and if Bunz Kennedy could'a jumped another foot, the score would've been much better. But in the end the Slayers prevailed 12-9 (or was it 13-10?). Who cares, we won!

Jerome "NASCAR" Kriebel had this to say after the game. "They thought they had an easy win... ha! Guess again. Where Ben and Neil's bitches at?" Good question, Jerome. Good question.

Next week, games on Tuesday AND Thursday. Time to "RIDE THE SNAKE," (for you Jim Carrey fans).

Friday, June 17, 2005

Two Doesn't Constitute a Streak, Does It?

Fresh off of three weeks rest, the Slayers took the field last night in a battle against the 0-2 Three Wide Marketing. After the game, Three Wide was no longer winless and SHS found themselves at an astonishing crossroads of questions.

"We should've just taken this week off. Hell, we pretty much did," exclaimed Iron Balls Getzlow, "but I'm still a bad ass. Where my bitches at?"

Neil was right. After starting the game in true copycat fashion (of Heath "Bunz" Kennedy), Coacherson slapped a ball into the outfield and pressured the fielders to throw him out at second. One error later, SHS was on the board with a home run, in-the-park style.

From there the game made a turn for the worst.

It wasn't 17 errors that killed them this time around, it was their bats and some horrendous base-running. You can't leave 10 base-runners stranded and expect to win. Oh yeah, it doesn't help if you only score in the first two innings.

"We just need a little more practice," said Gentle Ben, "either that or next time we show up trashed. Where my bitches at?"

Even though the team welcomed a new player last night, Paula - friend of McTighe, SHS couldn't escape the evening with a victory, falling to 1-2 on the season after Three Wide drubbed them 15-3.

Up next, Bernstein-Rein. Great.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Haven't lost in a while.

Because we haven't played in a while. our June 2 game was rained out and we had to reschedule last week's game due to our agency open house.

So we're still 1-1.

Check back on Friday when we will be 1-2.